Devil Baby Terrorizes NYC Streets – Devil’s Due

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We should help this poor baby.......AAAAaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!

Devil’s Due will be born in theaters this Friday and I know I’m not the only one that’s excited. To promote the upcoming release, this clever advertising tactic sent an animatronic devil baby maneuvering through the bustling streets of New York City. The result, victim after countless victims being pulled in by the cries of an orphaned child only to be frightened away by its devilish grin and jarring movements.

It has been two days since this rather sickly looking infant strolled onto YouTube and went viral. More than 25 million views later (and counting) it has been shared on Facebook, has a Twitter following and has scared the crap out of concerned New York City patrons like a broken record. It is a fun way to call attention to the movie while entertaining the viewer as well. The reaction some of these people have is priceless. Personally, I love the woman who sets the blanket on top of the head of this thing. That totally solves the problem, just cover it up!

Are you excited about Devil’s Due? What are your thoughts on the devil baby of NYC? Comment below.

Devil's Due

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