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Deus Ex Human Revolution #1 – Review

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Enter the world of 2027 where human augmentation has become a standard in the society we live in. Standing at the forefront of this technology is Sarif Industries who is in the crosshairs of evangelists everywhere who oppose the modification of the human body. This is where we meet our hero Adam Jensen.

Jensen, an ex-SWAT member who has had his body augmented to the tune of over 50% who handles much of the security concerns of the company. Apparently he was attacked in his previous life by another augmented human and was subsequently shot in the head and left for dead (sorry for the rhyming…). He was rescued by Sarif and fixed up to the point where he is either more-human than human or closer to a cyborg, depending on your views towards augmentation.

The book opens up as Jensen is on a covert op to rescue the niece of Sarif Industries head-honcho in Juarez, Mexico. Being a Wildstorm book, you are treated to plenty of salacious and gratuitous moments of MATURE reading…such as the first security guard that Adam takes down is mid-stroke…if you know what I mean.

Beyond the few moments of violence and action, I’m sad to say that the script never leaves some of the same pages of “what makes a human” storytelling that is so prevalent in manga like Ghost in the Shell, and in movies such as Robocop, yes I said Robocop. It’s been done to death. I don’t blame writer Robbie Morrison at all for this. He’s been given a world written for him already, and has very strict areas that he can’t take the book into due to the looming game release this year.

I sincerely hope that the book picks up in its second issue (of a six-part series) mainly because I’m a huge fan of the artwork by Trevor Hairsine who does an excellent job capturing the inhuman look of the augmented characters and of the world that we’ve seen in the trailers for the game, including the overall color scheme. The pages that feature some of the most violent scenes, including a head-exploding punch are done with such detail that you’d swear that it were possible.

Again, this is another of DC’s (Wildstorm’s) $2.99 books that if you’re just dying to get a little bit of backstory on the game before it comes out this year, you should really pick up. But if you’re on the fence about picking it up or getting it in your hold, I’d honestly have to say hold off until a trade comes out.

STORY: 58%
ART: 92%

If you are planning on getting the UBER-special edition of the game, I have it on good authority that this series will be made into an action comic if you have some sort of aversion to comics or reading physical books. The first issue will be available in your local comic store next Wednesday the 9th of February 2011 and the second and subsequent will be released each month after that until the final issue in July.

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