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Deus Ex 3 – No Longer Rumor

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The online listing for GDC this year just let a cat out of the bag for Eidos. The lecture titled, “Creating a Unique Visual Direction: The Successes and Failures of Creating a Near-Future Cyberpunk Setting with a Renaissance Twist in Deus Ex 3” should pretty much kill any speculation on whether or not there is going to be a third game in the series.

The 60-minute lecture at GDC 10 is going to be given by Eidos Montreal’s art director, Jonathan Jacques-Belletete, about how the game has it’s own ‘Cyber Renaissance’ style about it and how the team managed to take elements from past, present, and future to create a look that incorporates all three. Seems pretty interesting and if I was going to GDC 10, I might go if I had ANY artistic talent.

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