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Deus Ex 3 Coming?

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believe it or not, the first two deus ex games are ones that i specifically upgraded my computer game to play.

Doing a bit of digging around on the interwebs today, I found an interesting morsel of gaming goodness. It seems our good buddies at Square Enix are wastin no time getting old Eidos properties up and running again, but this time we might get an even higher quality sequel to Deus Ex, not saying that its sequel, Invisible War was bad, not saying that at all.

The morsel of information that I found yesterday comes courtesy of the nerds at Joystiq who dig through patent and trademart filings to find new titles before they’re actually made. Their research revealed that Square Enix has registered Deus Ex: Human Revolution for trademark in Europe.

The last time anyone heard anything about there being a 3rd Deus Ex title was when we heard that Squeenix was making the cinematics for it for its newest studio Eidos Montreal. This very well could be a stand alone title not having anything to do with the Deus Ex 3, but we highly doubt it.

The only other information given was that it’s slated for a PS3, 360, and PC release. I’m hoping that they take the Unreal 3 Engine to new heights like how they worked the previous version.

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