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Derp-a-Derp Guerilla, Seriously Derp-a-Derp

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man, it's news like this that makes me facepalm

In probably one of the silliest interviews that I’ve read in weeks past, one of the guys from Guerilla states one of the most obvious things that anyone who’s ever played a game for longer than 30 minutes should already know.

You need story AND gameplay to have a great game.

In the interview with Gamasutra, Herman Hulst goes about setting up how Killzone 3 will be dramatically different than Killzone 2 and how stories in games are absolutely necessary if you want them to stick in gamers minds. Don’t just listen to me, here’s the man himself:

“We get a lot of mail, a lot of ideas from the community, within story, dialogue, and characters and all these elements obviously are tied into each other. I think it’s very important, in particular after releases like Uncharted 2 that really raised the bar on storytelling. It’s become an area that you just can’t neglect, you really have to pay attention to it.

We’re actually trying to go a lot wider.

On Killzone 2, I think a lot of it was constrained, setting-wise, since it was based in the urban areas, the first half of the game. This game we’re actually setting ourselves up so we can actually explore the Helghast culture a lot more. We have a very rich backdrop in the universe that we created and the story’s very rich; there’s a lot of stuff in there. And we feel that we haven’t really fully explored all of that.

So in this game, we’re mostly visiting various areas of the planet. We’re also giving you a flavor of the Helghast culture by replacing the one nemesis with two guys that are actually competing for power, because of that almost like civil war that’s happening in the background. You get to experience a lot more of what those guys are like. So actually we’re trying to make it richer rather than narrower.”

I think he’s onto something here, Killzone 2 was a good game and the story was a C- affair if anything, so if they’re going to be having pretty graphics and a good storyline, I’ll be there on day one to check it out. Then again, FPS games tend to drop in price rather quickly at the game store…

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