Demo Daze Xbox 360: Bad Company 2, Tropico 3, Divinity 2

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You know what I love about game demos?? NOTHING.

So I jumped onto Xbox live the other day and looked around in their demo section. I realized I was a little behind so I downloaded 3 games while watching my beloved Volunteers basketball team get the shit beat out of them by Vanderbilt. Luckily I had these demos to help me forget right? Hit the jump to see my impressions of these demos and what it could mean for the full game.

Kinda reminds me of The Comedian from The Watchmen
Battlefield: Bad Company 2

We’ll start with the obvious one, Bad Company 2. Now I played the first Bad Company on the Xbox and absolutely loved the single player campaign. Since it was a rental, I never found a reason good enough to spend my time playing multiplayer, especially since I had never been a big fan of the previous Battlefield games. The controls always felt…awkward. But then I am a fan of twitch shooters more than I am tactical or squad-based style of FPS’s, so maybe I am biased. The game looks great, plays like classic Battlefield and I’m sure fans of the series will love it. I’m looking forward to just playing the single player campaign. If it’s anything like the last one, it will be worth the rental.

Tropico 3

It’s a sim game but this time you get to be an absolute dictator to your very own island. That’s right boys and girls, now you too can train to be the next Fidel Castro!! What red-blooded American wouldn’t want to play this game right? Well…maybe those that don’t like sim games. The demo gave you a simple objective campaign, export 8000 units of goods. It gives you a dock already so really you just need to build farms and residents for your workers to live. Sounds easy right?? Yeah not quite. Apparently being a dictator only works when you shove guns in people’s faces because my construction workers were the slowest and laziest I’ve ever seen. If I could, I would have shot them all.

But for those that liked Sim City and similar games, you’d probably like this one. I have a feeling it plays easier on the PC than the Xbox too. Try it out and if you like it wait for the price to drop.

This is what you get when you're a dictator.

Image completely unrelated

Do not believe this image.  This game is atrocious.
Divinity 2
Ugly. Boring. Another awkward 3rd person action RPG. Played 5 minutes and couldn’t take anymore. One of those games you play to punish yourself and to remind yourself what a good game is. Feel sorry for the developers, this game is going to flop hard.

Those were some notes I jotted down as I played this piece of garbage. Seriously, don’t waste the time or space on your HDD to download this demo and for the love of Cthulu, please don’t buy it! These dev’s need to learn the pain of creating a piece of shit and watching sales go nowhere. If you buy this AFTER playing the demo, you deserve to get red ringed. I was afraid mine was going to do that as I played so I quickly stopped and went back to Mass Effect 2 to soothe my baby.

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