Demo Daze: Naruto: The Broken Bond

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The sequel to the fantastic Naruto: Rise of a Ninja demo hit the marketplace this week, boasting both improved graphics and an overhauled battle system. The game picks up literally exactly where the last one left off, following the anime story between episodes 81-135.

The game plays extremely similarly to the first in the series, but that is by no means a bad thing, the control scheme is tight and thanks to a revamp, so is the combat. The graphical update is chiefly in the area of the locations and environments that you visit, there is a much more painted, watercolour feel to them. This suits the series perfectly and is really shown off in the now 3D cutscenes.

The demo sees you playing first as Naruto, fleeing from Konoha as it is attacked. After what basically amounts to a checkpoint mini-game you are let free into the game world to go and find your team-mates. After a couple of battles and some puzzles you arrive at your destination. You then take control of the Hokage, the leader of the village and get to take part in an extremely impressive fight, both graphically and the actual powers at your control. This is where the demo cuts off.

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After enjoying the first game I have been quite tempted to get the second, especially after playing the demo and hearing about some of the other changes, such as ranked online versus fighting and a greater variety of puzzles. This is what the first Naruto game was severely lacking, variety. So long as Ubisoft have corrected that then The Broken Bond should be a good game and a great addition to the series, especially for followers of the anime.

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