Demo Daze: Mirror’s Edge

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Yesterday after waiting what seemed like an eternity thanks to my internet connection going batshit insane and slowing to a crawl, I got myself the Mirror’s Edge demo off the Xbox-Live Marketplace. To be honest I haven’t really been keeping track of the game, I knew the focus of the game was on parkour (free running) stunts but that was about it. After loading up the demo and giving it a go, what can I say, it’s fun as hell.

The control scheme takes a little getting used to but it just makes sense once you get into it. I was expecting Mirror’s Edge to be a game that required no skill to perform the numerous amazing feats that Faith (the protagonist) can pull off, however I was wrong. It takes skill to pull off the more difficult moves, especially those involving disarming enemies. The amount of satisfaction gained from stringing together a run of acrobatic stunts is immeasurable, leaving you thirsting for more.

The demo itself consists of a tutorial followed by the first section of an actual level. It does a great job of introducing many of the core concepts of the game and really leaves me wanting more. The graphical style of the game is gorgeous, it is extremely minimalistic in its approach, with only hints of red in an almost pure white landscape guiding you towards your next objective.

After playing through the demo numerous times I can say that this is definitely now on my to-buy list. Those of you willing to pre-order get the bonus of a code to unlock a time trial mode in the downloadable demo, giving you a little more gaming crack to sustain you until the full release on 11th November (USA) or 14th November (EU).

Check out the video below for a neat little trick that lets you explore the demo section of the city as you see fit without having to follow the tutorial.

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