Deleted Scene from Lost Season 1 Revealed At SDCC

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It turns out that Damon Lindlelof and Carlton Cuse knew how the series was going to pan out all along. The two LOST writers showed this deleted scene last week at Comic-Con during their panel for LOST: One Year Later. They were very reluctant to show it but, whether it be the will of the island or the cries of the fans, they gave in and showed it. Clearly now that this new deleted scene has been shown, we can see why it was hidden away for so long. If it had been included during Season 1 then the whole show would have pretty much have been for nothing. We would never have spent years speculating over the series’ many twists and turns or lament over how anti-climactic the ending was. At least it proves once for all that they definitely absolutely positively knew how the story of LOST would play out across the eventual six seasons.

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