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Defiance: The Serpent’s Egg, Review

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The Serpents Egg keeps rolling the Defiance story forward and we get a new love angle. But, will it (love that is) last?

Defiance - Season 1

Spoilers Ahoy!

Two things jumped out at me this episode that seems like it’ll be a bit of foreshadowing for episodes to come, somewhere down the line this season. Earth Republic’s Ambassador Olfin Tennety (Jane McLean) and Irisa’s position as the prophesied “devouring mother.” I think the whole Irisa having visions about how Rynn’s parents were murdered (and eventually leading to Rynn being captured and the Irathient being brought back more into the fold in the town of Defiance a few episodes back. Back to this episode, a coach transport is in town, which seems to be a defensive transportation vehicle that gets people across the badlands and from city to city. Aside from having a giant stack of town cash to pay for a railroad the coach is transporting Rynn to Vegas, which is now a prison area. So, Vegas hasn’t changed TOO much in the world of Defiance. Also, I read this is a tie into the Defiance video game whose storyline is linear to the show, but I’m not positive. Just this part of the storyline this episode has a very western feel.

Coach wagon crossing the dusty wasteland, lawmaker sitting around with prisoner in tow, the coach gets attacked by bandits, a robbery, standoff, twist and the good guys come out on top. All with the touch of sci-fi. It had me thinking of “The Train Job” from Firefly, where it really blended the science fiction and western genres and pulled off something that was both unique and yet all too familiar. We also get to see a bit of a twist on how societal/marriage structures have changed. E-Rep Olfin has two husbands tagging along with her, who are your equivalent of those high school guys high fiving that they’re having sex with the same girl. Except, she’s in control of the relationship and the guys are just pretty morons at her pleasure (mostly disposal). It seems like Olfin is going to be Mayor Rosewater’s “outside of Defiance” enemy when they’re not having her fight the Town Council and keep telling her she’s up for re-election soon.

Defiance - Season 1The more interesting storyline (to me) was Irisa seeing a man from her past. You know, the one where they said Nolan killed her parents because they were horrible to her and all. Her parents were forfeiting her to the whims of a religious zealot that was intent that Irisa was a prophetess of the “Devouring Mother” some kind of bringer/taker of life messiah. As a child, she was bitten by snakes and tortured by the Castithan until they were at the final stage, Irisa killing someone as a sacrifice. Enter cut-scene of Nolan saving the day and establishing the seed of the father/daughter relationship. It was a little intense when the man couldn’t remember anything and Irisa was torturing him and pushing him to admit everything against his will. Tommy LaSalle (the human deputy) finds out about this going on, gets locked up in a handcuff and is forced to just watch Irisa torture the guy and eventually having a snake bite him. Where the snake came from, and why highly poisonous snakes are easy to come by I don’t know. After the big reveal, and Irisa being able to hold back, she releases Tommy and he beats the shit out of the guy. It’s funny how there is a “LAW” but nobody that is apparently enforcing it has a real sense of following it in totality themselves.

Oh, and Tommy and Irisa have sex in the middle of the police headquarters. Alien/human sexual compatibility issues aside. Tommy revealed the obvious (to us) love that he’d been building up for her in the previous episodes. We get to see a side of Irisa that shows that she isn’t just a cold ass killing machine/bad-ass, that she is capable of loving someone beyond Nolan. Also, dare i say, she’s sexy? Am I the only ones that think all the Irathient women are kinda hot looking aliens? Please, let this be the article my wife doesn’t read.

This many episodes into the first season, Defiance is still a amazing show and building a great story that can take subplots that keep the main story relevant and not derail what’s going on. SyFy also renewed the show for a second season. So, we’ll be seeing where this goes for another couple of years hopefully at the least.

In closing, I’ll talk about…the closing, song. Which I’m guessing is going to be a new song every episode. Closing montage cover song: The Cure’s “Lovesong.”

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