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Defiance – Good Bye Blue Sky, Review

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An Arkfall is coming, the Razor Rain of debris will shred you to pieces. And an old lady just gets creepier. Ah, Defiance. How I love thee.


Defiance - Season 1

Irisa has another vision in her sleep that the Spirit Riders are caught in the coming Razor Rain, Sukar gets taken down by a stray shot and is down for the count. When Irisa and Nolan show up, they find out that, yup, Sukar is dead. Nolan notices the Razor Rain is headed toward Defiance. Irisa stays behind to participate in the boiling acid burying ritual thing that Irathient’s do for their dead. Except. EXCEPT, Sukar pops up mid acid bath and is all “TIME TO SAVE DEFIANCE BITCHES!” Ok, it wasn’t like that, but he’s clearly has some kind of extreme purpose. Which is. Nanobots. More Specifically, Arc-brain according to Doc Yewll. I’m assuming that Arc-Brain is whatever master technology it is that controlled the Arc Ships that took all the aliens to earth. Apparently it can turn people in to superhumans and save cities from giant crashing pieces of Arc Fall. The important thing about this whole subplot from the episode is that Irisa and Nolan are drifting apart. As Irisa is starting to come to terms as to what her role as the Irathient Chosen One. I dunno, it’ll be interesting to see how this evolves.

Back at the McCawley howse, Quentin is still a little messed up for killing former Mayor Nicky’s weird henchman last episode as they fought over The Golden Pretzel. I’m only calling it that because, we have no idea what it is. Rafe tries to tell his son that he did good for the family by killing the intruder, but, you can tell that he can see the giant steaming pile that is collecting outside his doorstep.

Wait, that’s actually Former Mayor Nicky. Seriously, this old lady is starting to creep me out. Not as creeped out as watching Christie McCawley and Alak Tarr argue about bathing rituals, but still, close. What was with that whole thing anyways? Why are they even getting married? Oh well, at least Alak has a mom who is trying to buy a prostitute (Kenya) for her son so that his new wife will think he’s awesome in bed. This kind of alien vs human psychology is an interesting dynamic for the show. Defiance has been about really trying to push how extremely different the cultures are of each species (even the humans) and how everything isn’t totally blending together, but at least mixing it up a little at the edges.

Defiance - Season 1

Oh, Stahma Tarr, Alak’s mom, sleeps with the prostitute instead. Hows THAT for mixing it up?

Closing Montage Song: Van Morrison’s “Into the Mystic”

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