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Defiance: Brothers in Arms, Review

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‘Brothers in Arms’ brings Nolan back to the forefront as an old combat veteran buddy of his shows up in Defiance. instead of putting on hats and talking about battles of yester-year, they try to contain and take down an International War Criminal. Just like, NAM.

DEFIANCE -- "Brothers in Arms" Episode 106

Spoilers Ahoy!

Even though there were two plots weaving through the tapestry of this episode, they both mostly had no reason to be near each other. Nolan’s story was the fun one, so I’ll get to that first. Pol Madis is an evil, evil dude. At least, that’s what they kept implying. Yeah, he did turn Datak into a puppet and offed that street vendor with a coin. Oh, and blew up his way out of a cell with some salt, water and a tiny pack of explosives. Did I mention he was some psychopathic weapons designer during The Pale Wars? Yes, he’s not a nice man. Even going so far as to tell Datak he just “enjoyed killing people.” That’s jumping to the end of the episode though, but I did say spoilers, right?

DEFIANCE -- "Brothers in Arms" Episode 106Nolan’s grizzled war buddy Eddie, or “Uncle Eddie” is that plot device that we all know where it ends up. They meet up for the first time since the war, punch some bad dudes in the face, and eventually the one that isn’t doing so good because of “x” thing that happened to him during the war leads to him betraying his slightly better off buddy (Nolan). All done with a western/sci-fi flair. So yeah, I enjoyed the hell out of it. Especially the genuine looking parts when “Uncle Eddie” realized Irisa was still alive, and that Nolan had raised her. You could tell he cared for her, even if she didn’t give a shit. But really, when DOES Irisa give a shit? Whatever, she’s still awesome.

Also, I just wanted to note that it seems the Earth Republic and Votan Collective are gearing up for another war. How that pans out, and where it lands Datak Tarr and his apparent support of the VC we’ll see.

The more boring, but moving the story of “Why is the ex-mayor so hell bend on destroying Defiance” Rafe is now seeing visions of his older brother. Who’s telling him about girls, where dad keeps his good booze, and how to win at sportsball. No, he’s actually just telling him stuff about the artifact and telling Rafe to kill creepy intruders into their house, then burning the corpses in blue lava pits in the mine.

Man, my brother is going to be so disappointed when I haunt him after I die.

Ending Montage Song: “Can You Feel the Rain” by Badfinger

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