Alan Smithee

Defendor – Trailer

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Finally, a superhero that uses duct-tape on his costume, fucking awesome! Not only that but you'll notice that's not a real mask, it's paint!

Woodrow Harrelson has been on a roll recently. I’m being serious here, his role as Tallahassee in Zombieland will go down in history as one of the geek world’s best zombie slayers. There was that other movie he was in recently, The Messenger, that garnered him an academy award nominee. I don’t think there’s a movie he’s been in that I haven’t seen. I’ve pretty much liked the guy since he was on Cheers.

The trailer for Defendor looks interesting to say the least, but it’s a low-budget faux superhero movie so I’m sure I’ll go to see it and enjoy it. It MUST be better than that piece of shit Blankman. I’m getting a serious Fisher King vibe from this movie. For those that haven’t seen that one, it’s essentially the same plot where there’s a mentally unstable person searching for another potentially made up character. Should be good.

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