Deep Yiff: One Man’s Undercover Expedition into the Furry Community

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As some of you may know I was recently shown the site It serves as a Live journal of sorts for furries, however it also has the extremely terrifying addition of a personal ad section. After perusing a few of the more choice personals I was baffled by the interests, personalities and all around existence of these people. After careful consideration, and numerous requests I decided to bite the bullet and go deep undercover, creating a “Fursona” of my own. The goals for this expedition were simple,

1. Stay in character at all times.

2. Are they really all sexual deviants or is that a misconception?

3. Are any of them “normal” or do all of them dress up like animals and go at it?

DISCLAIMER: The text within this article is graphic to the point of pornographic, not for the faint of heart, well unless that heart longs to have sex with anthropomorphized animals….

After making the decision to join the community I hit some roadblocks, what’s the name of my fursona? What animal am I? I decided to keep it simple and go with Yiffysampras, the choice of animal however, was much more difficult. I could have gone for the obvious choice of bear, but no I wanted to be different. I started thinking and then suddenly the perfect animal came to mind. I would become a badger. This however didn’t seem like anything near enough, it needed to be more, Wikipedia came up with the perfect solution. I would become Yiffysampras, the Badger Unicorn.

You see, after visiting the site I noticed a section where you can enter your furry code, I was bemused by this and did a quick search and low and behold Wikipedia saved the day. The furry code is very similar to the geek code, in that it is a way of displaying a furry’s characteristics in shorthand. One of the options within the code allows you to add a modifier to the species you have chosen, such as wings, or in my case a unicorn horn. The image that this brought to mind made me sure that this was close to being one of the most ridiculous things I had ever conceived.

After settling on my Fursona I set about making my profile and personal ad. The badger picture came from searching “badger yiff” in Google images, and no the photo of the guy is not me, he is simply the first under thirty male that appeared after the search “gay bear”, also taken from Google images. My plan set in motion all I had to do now was sit, wait and hope for a response, I was expecting maybe one e-mail / chat request or something like that saying welcome. Oh no, I got a LOT more than that. Within an hour I had 5 e-mails from various members and this number continued to grow exponentially until after a day I had 30 or so e-mails and Gtalk requests. I decided to take a random sampling of these e-mails and make contact with their respective owners. Little did I know what I was letting myself in for.

The first reply I chose was from a guy calling himself Wolfegang, as you can guess this guy fancied himself to be a wolf. Not just any wolf though, he is a 300lbs + fat timber wolf (by his own description). It was a fairly innocuous e-mail, asking how long I had been a furry, etc and if I could chat to him via Gtalk. I obliged and started talking to him. The text that follows is a direct transcript of the conversation I had with him.

Yiffysampras (MWN): Hey, hows it going?

Wolfgang (W) : Not bad, not bad. Havnt been up to that much, just trying to find some furs to snuggle.

(MWN): Oh yeah? You talk to many other furries?

(W): Some, trying to find more for a few quick yiffs though, if you catch my drift ;)

(MWN): …..

(W): Anyway I gotta head out, Ill hit you up for more chat another time

So , after this conversation I realised what was happening, this wolf wants to be badger-fucked into oblivion right? See what happens with Wolfgang and meet the Dragon that wanted to eat me later this week in part 2, Deep Yiff 2: Electric Boogaloo.

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