Ryan Wilson

Dedicated Coder Makes ‘Cheetahmen 2’ Playable

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Cheetahmen 2, the incomplete sequel to the least awful game on the Action 52 NES cartridge, is now fully playable. Yay?

Those familiar with the Cheetahmen 2 “legacy” should be very aware by now that the game was never finished, and prototype copies of the game fetch prices up to the thousands. Those lucky(?) enough to snag a copy were greeted with a game marred with graphical glitches and a giant gameplay glitches that render the entire game unbeatable.

That is…until now.

A Spanish ROM hacker by the name of PacoChan took it upon himself to go back and fix not only the unwinnable glitches in the game, but cleaned up the graphics and various spelling mistakes throughout the game. Sure, the game is still as fun as a tube sock full of spaghetti, but now it can actually be completed.

Those with a high tolerance for pain can download the “patch” hack here.

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