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Deathspank – Weapons Trailer

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Fucking Win.

Have you considered what Deathspank will be using to dispense justice to evildoers everywhere? Can you fathom the usefulness of Unicorn Poop? Do you also think that the Chicken Gun sounds awesome? If so, the video below is for you.

Deathspank comes out tomorrow July 13th here in the US on XBLA and PSN for 1200 MSP or in real money $15. For UK players it will be available this Wednesday for the same amount 1200 MSP or £10. Since it’s got Ron Gilbert’s name associated with it, you can bet that at least RyanWilson and I will be picking this one up.

There’s no word from the guys at EA whether or not there’ll be a PC release, but I’d imagine that it’s only a matter of time before we see it on Steam.

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