Ryan Wilson

DeathSpank 2 Coming…Next Month

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Those who followed DeathSpank since the beginning know that developer Ron Gilbert initially planned the game as an episodic epic.  This thought was long thought forgotten as the game approached its release date and Gilbert left Hothead Games.  Now, a mere month after DeathSpank‘s triumphant release, we found out that DeathSpank 2, titled DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue is coming to both the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade on September 21st and 22nd, respectively, at the price of $14.99 (or 1200 Microsoft Points).

The sequel will bring DeathSpank on a new journey to hunt down the six Thongs of Virtue, undergarments of extreme power that can easily corrupt its possessors (think Gollum with a thong…on second thought, don’t). Along the way, he will travel to new locations such as the North Pole, helping the downtrodden along the way). Co-op now features an additional character this time around: a ninja named Steve will join Sparkles the wizard (though if this means 3 player co-op is unknown just yet).

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