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Deathly Hallows: Part 2, One Long Battle Scene?

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As someone who never read any of the books (WAIT DON’T LEAVE I’LL EXPLAIN WHY) I really dig the movies for this franchise. I should probably see part one though.

First off, I know every book IN EXTREME DETAILS, without reading them. I have a wife who read them all, then told me every single tiny shred of detail about them in multiple hour long sessions where I sat there and nodded my head. She’s like a book on tape, but a million times better!

Regardless, if Daniel Radcliffe and director David Yates aren’t pulling punches on us, this sounds just awesome:

Radcliffe: The second film is essentially the final battle. It starts when Harry splits off from Ron and Hermione and you see the stories intercut. I don’t know how long it will be between the ultimate fight with Voldemort, but you certainly won’t notice the time go by — it’s so non-stop that you won’t have time to think about the pace. It’s relentless.”

Yates: “What’s really fun about Part 2 is that… you’re just parachuted back in. The audience has been though six or seven movies and they don’t need any set-up. When I first read the script for Part 2 I said ‘Steve [Kloves – the screenwriter], this is great, it doesn’t have a beginning!’ It starts and bang. You’re immediately off in this big, loud, exciting opera.”

Read more of the interview over at IGN.

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