Deal of the Week on XBLA: Serious Sam & stuff

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From now until February 14th on XBLA, you’ll be able to score some sweet shooters, saving some serious space bucks. Alliterations are fun. What’s more fun than alliterations you say? Well, maybe Serious Sam HD and Geometry Wars 2 are… but I doubt it. Now you have the opportunity to find out for yourself in this Deal of the Week on XBLA. I think I might check out one of the Serious Sam games now that they are a paltry 400 points instead of 1200. Sounds pretty good to me. Anyone else think they might pick something up?

Check out the list below:

Duke Nukem Manhatten Project 800 400 50%
Space Invaders Infinity Gene 800 400 50%
Geometry Wars 2 800 400 50%
Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter 1200 400 67%
Serious Same HD: TSE 1200 400 67%
Galaga Legions 800 400 50%

SOURCE: Major Nelson

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