Deadpool Team-Up #883

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Back in November, Marvel polled the Deadpool masses and asked them which ongoing series it should cancel: Deadpool Corps or Deadpool Team-Up? In a typical corporate move, they decided to cancel both. Deadpool Team-Up #883 is the last issue…well for now. At least he is going out with a bang, with a Galactus team-up!

The Story!? Well Wade is broke. Again. Let’s face it, he just doesn’t have the attention span to keep track of money. He is $312,891.02 over drawn because he does fantastic things like spend $25,896.92 on guinea pigs. His first step in seeking a job is to cold call every super villain he can think of, when that fails he finds an ad in the help wanted section for a job as a herald (yes that’s right of Galactus) because let’s face it Galactus goes through Heralds like fat people go through doughnuts. After accepting the job, he gets the most pimped out supercharged surfboard possible and starts picking of planets at random (one appears to be populated with Pokémon and I cheered when they died). Unfortunately Wade can’t ever seem to shut up. Galactus (Ravager of Worlds, Devourer of Worlds, The Creator, shall I go on or is that enough aliases?) finally ends up firing him. On his way home he has a run in with the Silver Surfer who then kicks his (Deadpool) ass. The final issue of Deadpool Team-Up closes with Wade joining a H.O.G. (Harold of Galactus) support group.

Written by Skottie Young, this is something of a change for him as he is best known as an artist (he won an Eisner Award for Marvel’s Wonderful Wizard of Oz). It’s incredibly difficult to write Deadpool, to strike the right balance of crazy. If it’s over the top, becomes unreadable and stupid the issue falls into the cracks. What seems to be the trick is to let the insanity come from Deadpool, rather than try to force him into strange situations. Young does exceedingly well here. The issue has some great dialogue from Wade, I particularly enjoyed him asking Galactus if he wanted to join a fantasy football league, and him calling the Silver Surfer a “Christmas ornament on a surf board”. Honestly the only complaint I have about the writing is that Wade didn’t break the fourth wall, and that he didn’t have his first and secondary thought bubbles.

Art by Ramon Perez and Andreas Mossa. The drawings of Silver Surfer are well done, and the panels with physical comedy are excellent, the most part the art work is simply adequate.

STORY: 85%
ART: 75%

This has been consistently the best of the four ongoing Deadpool series , and I’m sad to see it go. Some of my favorite Team-Ups have been with- Thor, Machine Man, and Captain Brittan. Honestly, this isn’t one of the best, but it’s pretty damn good.

Please support Wade in his last team-up issue!

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