Kyle J. Steenblik

Deadpool is a Funny Romantic Affair with Unicorns and Murder

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Deadpool movie poster 2Deadpool
Directed by: Tim Miller
Screenplay by: Paul Wernick, Rhett Reese
Based on: Deadpool by Fabian Nicieza, Rob Liefeld
Starring: Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccarin, Ed Skrein, T. J. Miller, Gina Carano, Brianna Hildebrand, Stefan Kapičić
Running time 108 minutes
Rated R for strong violence and language throughout, sexual content and graphic nudity, and unicorns

4 1/2 stars out of 5When former Special Forces operative turned mercenary Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds)is diagnosed with late stage terminal cancer his relationship with Vanessa (Morena Baccarin),the love of his life, is put to the ultimate test. When an unconventional and experimental treatment goes horribly wrong Wade sets out on a journey to recover what he lost, his face, and win back the love he thinks he lost.  Along the way, Wade discovers the majesty of unicorns, and a proclivity for making anyone in his way un-alive.

Deadpool was undoubtedly and unabashedly hilariously dirty, disrespectful, and astonishingly self-aware. The essence that makes this comic book character so adored was preserved and canned, only to be poured into a projector and flung onto a large screen and into the eyeholes of unsuspecting audiences around the world. To say I loved this movie would be an understatement; I adore this movie for taking the envelope, packing it to the breaking point and throwing it against the wall. Director Tim Miller, and screenwriters Paul Wernick, and Rhett Reese, created a film that serves as a perfect counterpoint to the litany of superhero films showing up year after year by injecting more levity into the genera.

On top of all that hilarity and outlandishness this film also contains one of the most honest love stories I have seen in quite some time.  By honest I mean characters that are genuine, crazy, but genuine, and completely devoted to each other.  They spoke to each other in a very real way, handled disagreement poorly, and forgave their reprehensible criminal activity, well, she forgave his.  That is love.

I could chide the filmmakers for the numerous continuity errors in this film, but I don’t know if that is really warranted.  When working with a superhero film, there is only so much you can do to control the minutia of continuity; instead, you can turn it into a home viewing drinking game.  When Deadpool’s swords reappear, drink, when broken swords repair themselves, drink, when bullet holes in the costume vanish, drink, or maybe not if you are prone to alcohol poisoning.  Because I was thoroughly entertained, I will turn a blind eye to these goofs and chalk them up to the fact that it is a Deadpool movie and should, under no circumstances, be taken that seriously.  It is goofy, and one of the most genuinely hilarious comedies I have seen in a long time, like a Vespa at a biker bar.

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