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Deadly Class #4: Our Young Assassins Are Las Vegas Bound

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Road trip! The gang from Deadly Class sets off to Las Vegas for fun and a little murder. Marcus has quite a reputation as a hired gun after that AP Deadly Arts assignment. There is a stop at a Grateful Dead show to score some drugs. Things get weird.

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Deadly Class #4 cover via

Deadly Class #4 cover via

Deadly Class #4
Writer: Rick Remender
Art: Wes Craig
Colors: Lee Loughridge
Publisher: Image Comics
Release Date: April 30, 2014

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You have to love the 1980s. Well if you lived through them, especially as a teenager, it wasn’t all fun and games as Rick Remender and Wes Craig show you in Deadly Class. There were plenty of political and social problems across the United States. The kids from Kings Dominion School of the Deadly Arts are taking a break from some of those worries and taking a road trip to Vegas to blow off steam—and kill Billy’s dad.

As the troupe makes their way across the desert, lots of antics ensue. Maria and Saya snort some cocaine off a Def Leppard mirror in a gas station bathroom. Maria decides that she is going to capture Marcus’ heart, even though Marcus seems to be smitten with Saya. Saya confesses to Marcus that she killed a cop yet is not a psychopath. Their car is being tailed by Maria’s vengeful boyfriend Chico. To top it off, a reckless jerk on a motorcycle is also chasing both cars down the highway toward Las Vegas. That can’t be good.

Once in “the bastion of hippie hell” of the Grateful Dead show, the gang spreads out looking for drugs and in Billy’s case sexual favors. They discover there are doses and then there are doses. Marcus and the crew do find some good doses before heading to the Vegas Strip and Circus Circus. Marcus declares himself “The Acid King!” Does this sound like a Hunter S. Thompson novel? Sure does. HST even makes a cameo in the hall way of the hotel. High and freaked out Marcus is in no condition to face threats from Chico or his faceless stalker outside his hotel room.

Deadly Class #4 tackles the classic rites of passage: road trips and drug trips. It is another detour from Marcus’ over-arching revenge story, but I love seeing the interaction among the Kings Dominion crew. Deadly Class #3 showed us Marcus could connect with one classmate. This #4 shows us he can be part of the larger group too. And each issue so far has moved the faceless guy closer to a showdown with Marcus. Don’t think for a moment that this detour to Vegas is devoid of action or plot points at all.

The art and coloring in Deadly Class #4 reflects all the action and drug-induced drama. The two-page spread at the Grateful Dead show is awesome. If you’ve ever attended show with a traveling horde of fans, you’ve seen this before. It is a pretty accurate representation. Craig and Loughridge truly captured the drug hallucination and over stimulation of the lights and sounds of Vegas. These sections are very bright and colorful in contrast to the rest of the book’s color scheme.

Recommendation: It remains the same—put Deadly Class on your pull list. Catch up with the Deadly Class TPB Vol. 01 Reagan Youth – $7.99 now!

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