Dead Tree Heroes: Singularity 7 and Fell

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This week is a double edition due to the fact I missed last week because of an epic party of epic proportions of epicness. I shall be continuing the Ben Templesmith set with the following two comics. Singularity 7 was written and drawn by Ben Templesmith and was his first attempt at writing a comic. Fell is a current series being written by Warren Ellis and drawn by Templesmith. Hit the jump to see what I think of them.

Singularity 7

This has possibly some of my favourite artwork by Ben. I don’t know quite what it is but the artwork in this comic in particular just really makes me jealous of him. Just like his other stuff, the mix of simplified drawing and amazing colouring just makes it leap out of the page. This was the first TPB of his I bought and it was worth every penny and then some from the artwork alone. The characters are really well designed and are all drawn brilliantly. Also, this guy is now my hero:

The problem with Singularity 7 and where is fails is the story. Unfortunately, even Ben agrees that it is not all that great. It is about how a guy got the power to rearrange matter and for a time, was a good guy. Then something snapped and he began to attack everyone on the planet, leading them to live underground. Some people are immune to the nanobots that give him his power and a group of them get sent to kill him. That’s basically it. The story is not bad, it just is not very memorable.

Overall though, the artwork definitely brings the story up and you forget how crap it is because of the pretty things on the page and how amazing an artist Templesmith really is.


This comic is basically an experiment of Ellis’s where he wants to make comics cheaper by having fewer pages and more panels per page so it still has a lot of story. He has succeeded mostly due to Templesmith and how good a writer Ellis is. The fact that Templesmith can get as much emotion into those tiny panels makes me appreciate just how good his art style is for this kind of thing. I could certainly not see many other artists managing it.

The story is about a detective who is sent from the big city to a Korean immigrant area called Snowtown. The police force there has two and a half detective until he arrives (one of them has no legs) and he turns up and solves cases left, right and centre by basically taking no shit and playing it a little hard with people. You get the idea from the writing and artwork that Snowtown is fairly desolate and everyone living there is pretty desperate or very hostile.

Unfortunately, it is suffering from not being released due to other commitments but the first eight issues are out as a trade paperback and I definitely recommend it.

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