Dead Tree Heroes: Dead Space

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Yep, it is that time of the week again. This week, to celebrate the release of Dead Space, I will be writing about the comic as a sister article to my review of the game and animated short. It will also mark the beginning of a month of Ben Templesmith related articles. Ben is the artist on this comic and quite a few others, including 30 Days of Night . In my opinion, he is the most talented artist in the industry right now and he deserves at least a read.

As for this comic, it explains what happened to the colony from when the marker was found through to when all contact was lost with them after the Ishimura showed up and took the marker off of them. Read my opinion of it after the jump.

This comic is one of my favorite comics in my collection. The art and the story are just brilliant. I first heard about this comic when I saw the animated videos of them pop up on the xbox live marketplace. After that I wandered down to my comic shop and bought the first four issues. The wait for issues five and six were agonising and I felt like a junkie looking for his next fix. After just two issues, I was hooked on the Dead Space universe and I placed my pre-order the day after reading through the comics I had.

The writing is absolutely top notch and is straight horror sci-fi. Even if the game had not existed and this was just a short miniseries I would have picked it up because it is just that good. It lays the story down of how the miners found the marker and then most of them went batshit crazy and started killing each other or converting to unitology and really trying to defend the marker.

Before long, the shit hits the fan and the dead start turning into gibbering horrors that want to kill everyone. At this point, the very anti-unitologist P-Sec guy who is the main character decides that even if the rest of the miners are retarded cultists, they should still be saved from death. This does not go quite according to plan and it finishes with him making the recording you see at the start of the comic.

The characters in the comic were all very cool and I thought the writer helped flesh them out but I think it was Templesmith’s art that really gave them life. He has such a unique style of messy lines with rough coloring that just makes everything have energy on the page. The more stuff that is happening on the page, the messier the lines get and the less contrast there is in the colors he uses. This is a man who knows how to use color to make things look good on a page.

This comic was also released in animated form. Now, I am not normally a fan of animated comics. They usually suck balls because they do not capture the same feel I get from reading a comic, but the ones produced for Dead Space did. They were very well put together and the voices all seem to fit the characters extremely well. It even works with Templesmiths art and makes it somehow have more energy. Whoever made these should do this with more comics of this type because it certainly made them fun to watch.

Even if you are only vaguely interested in Dead Space, then watch the following animated comics. They will probably make you at least look into the game more.

Issue 1:

Issue 2:

Issue 3:

Issue 4:

Issue 5:

Issue 6:

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