Ryan Wilson

Dead Space Ignition XBLA Priced and Dated

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Dead Space was easily one of the best titles of 2008, a rare case where plenty of firepower didn’t reduce the effect of a claustrophobic horror experience. Though we won’t see its sequel until the beginning of the new year, Xbox 360 owners can expect to get a taste of what the next game will bring with Dead Space Ignition, an interactive comic story with 3 mini-games. The story will have multiple paths to choose which lead to different endings, making the title basically a glorified “Choose Your Own Adventure” book. Achieving these endings will result in unlocked exclusive content for Dead Space 2.

Dead Space Ignition will be downloadable on October 13th for Xbox Live Arcade at the “almost worth it” price of 400 Microsoft Points. The PlayStation Network release of the title is known to exist, but is currently dateless.

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