The Dead Room: A Page Turner That Kept Me Wanting More!

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Well hello everyone. It’s been a while hasn’t it? I’m excited to be back here writing again! I’m just going to jump right back in the game, so here goes…

The Dead Room by:Robert Ellis

I’m a forensic science student, so it’s no surprise that I enjoy crime novels. I like true crime, yes. But I really love a good crime thriller. When Amazon suggested The Dead Room by Robert Ellis, I was intrigued. I haven’t previously read any of Ellis’s books so before I purchased it for my Kindle, I read the synopsis. It sounded really interesting to me. If you have a Kindle, the e-Book is only $0.99 right now.


Published in 2002, The Dead Room is about a young, green, civil attorney named Teddy Mack. He’s working in architectural law but gets thrown into a twisted game of cat and mouse when a teenage girl is found brutally murdered in her own home. Although he’s not interested in criminal law, his boss insists he take the case and defend the only suspect, a quiet mailman who was seen running from the crime scene. While the physical and circumstantial evidence continues to pile up against the suspect, Teddy is determined to get to the bottom of the case and find out what’s really going on.  Meanwhile, the body count continues to rise, leaving the entire city in a constant state of terror.


This book started with a bang! There was no tip-toeing around what was going to happen. The story continues in this vein, and is pretty fast paced. I can honestly say I wasn’t bored throughout this entire story. It was a page turner and kept me wanting more. I quickly grew to like Teddy and his straightforward  ways. His intentions and what drives him are slowly explained through the beginning of the novel. The rest of the cast of characters are a good example of how difficult it can be to determine who is a hero and who is a villain. It’s up to you to try and figure out if the characters are really what they seem. One of the things I liked most about this book is that it brought out a question of morality. When is it okay to break the law to protect another person? How far is too far to go to right a wrong?


My only complaint about The Dead Room was it’s very, very end (I’m sorry Robert Ellis, if you ever read this). I ended the book feeling slightly confused and wondering what had just happened. Don’t let this discourage you from checking it out though. The rest of the book is a great read and carries itself through perfectly to the conclusion. I’m excited to check out more of Robert Ellis’s books!

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