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Dead Rising 3 Gets 13GB Patch

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Dead Rising 3

I may be out of line, and call me ignorant if you must, but you have to understand that I haven’t played a new game on my Xbox or PS3 in a number of years. You can imagine my surprise when I read this news item today about how Dead Rising 3 for the Xbox One is getting a 13 gig “patch”.

The executive producer for Dead Rising 3, Josh Bridge said the following concerning the update:

With all of the fixes and everything, it’s a large update of about 13 gigs, but we really recommend getting it to ensure compatibility with the online players and all of the upcoming add-on content that’s coming out shortly as well.

Considering the game itself weighs in at around 15GB, this means that the Capcom programmers are essentially pushing out almost a complete patching of the entire game’s assets it would seem.

Luckily you can download the patch in the background and do other stuff as it’s coming into your system; I just think it’s crazy that a patch, which infers smallish code fixes weighs in at 13 gigs. To use the patch metaphor for clothing, that’s essentially like keeping the zippers and pockets while replacing the entire pair of jeans with new cloth.


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