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Dead Men Make More Albums

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I recall posting the news of one of my favorite Japanese musicians passing away last year, well it seems that NOW is finally the right time to release his final album.

Nujabes (Jun Seba) passed away last February and apparently left behind enough stuff to warrant a third and final album from the Japanese hip-hop producer titled Spiritual State.

Collected on the 14 track CD is much of the music that was previously unreleased before his death. As for whether we’re getting the remainder of his legacy in just this album, we may never know because his label Hydeout Productions has been relatively tight lipped about the whole is it or isn’t it unfinished work aspect.

Regardless of label drama, go do yourself a favor if you truly enjoy hip-hop and pick up the guy’s album if you have about $40 to spend…or if you want the expensive edition, plan on spending about $70 (CLICK ME).

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