Dead Island trailer makes me sad and excited at the same time

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I know zombies are kind of getting old these days, but this trailer has gotten me genuinely interested in a sub-genre I thought I was done with. Techland, the developers of the Call of Juarez series, has been developing Dead Island for quite a long time. The game was announced back in 2007 and they just couldn’t seem to find a publisher for it. Now, Deep Silver (Risen, Nail’d) has taken hold of the publishing reins and Dead Island appears to be on its way to being something awesome. The last Call of Juarez game ran on Techland’s own engine and I thought it was pretty impressive.

This trailer would have been enough to get me interested, but IGN’s preview of Dead Island shed some more light on what we can expect from the game. According to the interview, there will be very few firearms and ammo. The game will instead focus on melee combat that requires players to really get up in a zombie’s business, which should create an intense feeling of dread when you see a horde of zombies closing in on you. Techland seems to be aiming for realism over arcade-like action, and I think if it’s done well, it could be really awesome.

Much like another zombie FPS-style game released in the past couple of years… Dead Island will feature 4 player co-op in which players can “drop in and out of the game seamlessly.” The welcoming news for me, however, was the fact that you can just play the game alone if you want to. That was one thing that always bothered me about the Left 4 Dead series… just having AI partners around that pretty much either killed everything way too quickly, or ones that got in the way and died all of the time.

The game is reportedly styled in an FPS/RPG sort of way where there will be a skill tree, along with stat upgrades, new attacks and new abilities and that sort of thing. Overall, the game sounds like it’s going to be pretty bad ass. It gave me a weird feeling watching the video and it really seems quite disturbing at first, but it all ties together nicely in the end. It definitely left me with feelings of excitement and sadness, as I have children of my own. This is some dark stuff.

This is one to keep an eye on for sure.


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