Dead Island – E3 trailer 2011

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3 whole minutes of bikini-clad zombie mayhem!

Do you suffer from anxiety? Nausea? PTSD? Come down to Dead Island. We’ve got rappers, machetes, and enough zombies to choke a camel!

I was impressed with their first trailer with the little girl, but still wasn’t sure about the gameplay and such. I’m slowly getting more excited to see what comes of this title though. I’ve been reading on how they may have a skill tree system with XP so you can start learning some new moves and such to facilitate your zombie soiree. Another piece of info that I’ve heard talks about stamina. Apparently you will not be able to swing willy-nilly all day long and will have to stop and recover from time to time to keep at peak physical condition. Good for realism, not necessarily a good choice for a video game.

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