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The Other Dead #5

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Who would’ve of though zombie deer would be so terrifying?

The Other Dead #5 cover

The Other Dead #5 cover via

Writers: Joshua Ortega and Digger T. Mesch
Artist: Qing Ping Mui
Publisher: IDW Publishing
Release Date:

Zombies! Zombies everywhere! No really I mean everywhere, on t-shirts, lunchboxes, underwear, everywhere. More legions of undead, flesh eating monster than you can shake a dismembered leg at! Too much it seems sometimes. So much of our pop culture is zombie related that the shambling hordes don’t even seem terrifying anymore. Why do they scare us in the first place? People don’t have claws or sharp teeth, shoot most people don’t even have all of their teeth! But animals, animal are scary just being animals. Add the undead factor in and that will make me cry for my momma any day.

The Other Dead‘s story line is pretty basic zombie genre. A bunch of survivors just trying to make their way through this crazy, mixed-up apocalyptic world in one piece. While bunker-ed down in the classic isolated log cabin, our colorful group waits for a presidential rescue only to be bombarded by the local decomposing wildlife. Bears, wolves, and deer attack with such simple minded savagery; they make that sturdy log cabin crumble like Lincoln Logs. And who know deers could be so scary!? When they’re literally batter ramming your wall, that’s when.

Joshua Ortega and  Digger T. Mesch have created such a unique and awesome take on the zombie world.  This comic really reanimated my love of the undead. It reminded me why I enjoy this genre so much, because it scares the ever loving piss out of me. Qing Ping Mui’s creatures are so well done they could be snatched right out of my nightmares (I’m sure they’ll be there tonight).  Grotesquely well drawn, you can almost smell that putrid decaying flesh in the air. Horror lovers will eat this up, esspecially the zombie fan boys and girls out there. Whether they’re still sleeping soundly under their “Night of the Living Dead” posters or lost faith in the shambling mobs, this comic will have everyone excited to see the undead.

5 out of 5 Bbrrraaaiiinnnsss


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