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D&D News: Get in Touch With your Dark Side

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Tired of playing the goody two shoes? Keep your eyes peeled for April 19th, because finally you get more ways to be the antihero that you’ve always wanted to be.

If you’ve wanted to explore the evil depths of Shadowfell with your group now is your guys chance to get in touch with the power it holds. This new supplement Heroes of Shadow looks pretty damn cool. What will it be adding this time around?

New schools of magic, new shadow feats and new racial options. Characters fighting in this sinister world are given a darker edge and the ability to fight evil in ways that only make others cringe. New builds for assassins, paladins, warlocks and the vampire class also present options to players hungry to play the archetypical antihero.

Sounds good to me, and something I’ll be adding to my library to build characters out of. One of the other cool things though, is that D&D Insider subscribers will get the content on the new web based character builder the same day the book drops. And if you’re fortunate enough to have a gaming/comic shop that is running the exclusive D&D encounters The Dark Legacy of Evard, these new characters can just slide right in, or shadow morph, or whatever it is that the new shadow magic holds.

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