DC’s New 52: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

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Who would think a guy named Carter could be so scary?

Okay, right off I’ll say there has been a lot of information shared on DC’s relaunch here at WPR. So I am going to do my best to not repeat anything. When perusing and purchasing books at my local shop recently I was given the free DC Comics The New 52! preview comic. Makes sense, give me a taste and maybe I’ll want to go out and purchase some new books. In this case the marketing ploy worked. You can see the full list of comics on DC’s site.

After hearing about the relaunch I had basically blown off DC. I had the opposite reaction of Ryan’s article where the relaunch is motivating him to check out DC. It just makes me want to stick with the stuff I love from Marvel and IDW and forget DC. I figure that their current titles with a million different earths and dozens of the same character (seriously how many Superwhatevers and Flash/Old Flash/Baby Flash/Bright Flash/Dark Flash does anyone need?).

So I checked out the preview and here is what I thought, divided into the very original categories of Good, Bad and Ugly. I intentionally left out the biggies like Batman, Superman and the Justice League, I figure those titles will get enough play on their own:

The Good:

I was actually surprised at the number of titles that really looked intriguing. The first to jump out at me was The Savage Hawkman, the artwork alone looks incredible and will likely get me to buy at least the first issue. Plus Hawkman is such a hardcase, it’s got to be fun watching him pound on the baddies.

Demon Knights is another title that looks interesting, I was first introduced to Jason Blood and the demon Etrigan in the recent Green Arrow run (see I do read some DC comics, I’m not a hater). Exploring this character further but in the Dark Ages could make for a different take on the DC universe that could prove to be exciting.

Shooting the blue monsters doesn't seem to be helping

The next one is a character I am not at all familiar with, Grifter, so maybe others have a different take but based purely on the description:

“…branded a serial killer when he begins hunting and exterminating inhuman creatures hidden in human form – creatures only he can see!”

DC is trying to pull me in with stuff like this. I love that he is going to appear to be some crazy dude killing for no reason, but is he?

The Bad:

Let’s be honest, there are 52 titles not all of them can be good. Here is what I found to be just bad. First off, Mister Terrific. I know this is DC but who says “the names Terrific, Mr. Terrific”. The name alone is bad and the description of him inhabiting a world of amazement few others can comprehend is puke worthy.

I hope the Wolfman shows up as a vegan, pacifist, masseuse. Now that would be epic.

Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E., all I am going to say is we have Hellboy and BPRD. I don’t need to see Frankenstein with a Gatling gun.

No Secret Six, okay, technically this isn’t part of the preview and that is the problem. This was one of the few DC titles I found thoroughly entertaining. I don’t know the back story on why the title is gone but it will be missed.

The Ugly:

I define ugly as a book that looks bad but may just prove to be a good, solid read. I may be wrong, I may right but these are a few of the books that I think might have promise.

Resurrection Man, this is another just horrible name for a character, just a little too literal for me. However, he gains new abilities every time he comes back to life which could help keep the stories fresh and you know he is going to die, repeatedly. Could be fun.

I really want Green Arrow to be good. I like Ollie, I want him to succeed. However, based on the preview this new iteration looks pretty bad. He’ll be traveling the world bringing outlaws to justice and that just doesn’t sound that great, but wait I forgot to add he’ll be breaking every law to do it. Still sounds bad but I am going to pick up a few issues with just a dream in my heart that the title is going to blow me away.

Finally, and this one looks really ugly, Suicide Squad. The new Harley Quinn looks terrible and the mismatch of her, Deadshot and King Shark really sounds bad but it does create an opportunity for an interesting dynamic. Depending on the situation they are placed in, who knows, it might even be good.

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