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DC Universe Online Legends #1 – Review

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I’ve tried playing DCU Online and I have to admit, for how stoked I was to play it pre-release, I wasn’t absolutely wowed with how awesome it isn’t. I’m happy to say that the comic that has just been released from DC is MUCH BETTER than the game is.

It’s not a terrible game by any means, but your standard MMO variety with great voice acting and graphics. Until companies learn how to turn these games from fetch quests into actual variety gameplay, we’ll always have the same issue…repetitiveness.

The comic though is something completely different. It reads much like any of the other DCU books in so much as there’s a gigantic crisis on Earth that all heroes and villains must band together to stop. This time around, we see that the big enemy right from the start is Brainiac who has signed a “devil’s deal” with Lex Luthor. Essentially Lex was promised sovereignty over Earth in exchange for putting Superman down for the count, which happens in a spectacular fashion through a splash page spanning pages 2 and 3 of the book.

Brainiac of course reneges on his deal and has decided that he will destroy the population of planet Earth and subsequently, the entire planet itself after his exobytes have assimilated all of the world’s information. If there’s one person who I’ve learned that you should never double cross, it’s Lex effing Luthor.

All seems lost for Earth until Luthor manages to band the world together in the face of a common foe with the help of The Atom…and that’s where this first issue leaves us to wonder what will happen during the remainder of the 25 issues that DC has greenlit and will appear bi-weekly.

STORY: 80%
ART: 90%

The original story by Marv Wolfman & Tony Bedard is great, and I can’t praise the gritty nature of the art, by Howard Porter, enough. It’s not Alex Ross or George Perez, but it’s DAMN fine work. People may discount this book as just a simple tie-in with the DCU Online game, but trust me (a diehard DC Universe fan) that it’s much more than that. I plan on putting this comic in my hold as soon as I get the chance because I love a Lex Luthor centered book, and the $2.99 price point is more than worth it.

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