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DC Universe Online Gets Major Voice Talent

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I dunno, Adam Baldwin as Superman?

How many of you were fans of the awesomeness that was Batman: The Animated Series? If you were, then I’m sure that you’re familiar with Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy can do when they lend their voices to a DC product.

If you don’t well then let me teach you. Mark Hamill, besides his roles in Star Wars products, is best known as the voice of the Joker. To many fans (including me), he’s THE JOKER. There’s nothing quite like the insanity that Hamill lends to the voice of the most chaotic caracter in the DCU.

Kevin Conroy, besides being in this last season’s Venture Bros. as Captain Sunshine, is most widely known as the voice of Bruce Wayne / Batman. Same rules apply as above.

That’s not all! Joining the voice cast for the DC Universe MMO, which just started accepting beta registrations (go do it now!) will be:

  • Adam Baldwin – Jayne from Firefly will voice The Man of Steel
  • James Marsters – Spike from the Whedonverse will handle Lex Luthor
  • Michelle Forbes – Ensign Ro from Star Trek: The Next Generation will play Circe
  • Sony Online Entertainment rep John Blakely said through the press release that:

    “We’re excited that not only will Mark and Kevin bring their talent back to the DC Universe as part of DC Universe Online, but we’ve hit the jackpot with a full cast that are veterans of all the movies, TV shows, and games that our fans are crazy about.

    Several of these actors are recognized as the definitive voices for these characters, and will help us in creating an authentic and exciting experience for fans when they get in the game.”

    I’m really hoping they’ll take my application for the PS3 beta, it’ll be interesting to see how the PlayStation handles doing an MMO. We’re all very excited but it’s taken nearly 3 years to get to the point where we’re at right now…so we’ll remain optimistic as to the release.

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