DC New 52 – Boost or Bust?

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So a few weeks back I wrote up a preview of what I thought about DC’s new 52. I was highly interested in seeing if some of the comics I thought would be good really were or if the bad were as bad as they looked.My original opinions were based entirely on what I read in DC’s preview comic that highlighted all 52 new comics. The comics are now out and some have even moved on to issue two. So I headed out to my local comic shop after work on Wednesdays to pick up a few issues…but they were almost always sold out. Seriously, I could rarely find what I wanted.

In one sense, this is a great thing for comics. People were coming into the shop and buying, I’m all for more people buying more comics, that’s great. However, since I didn’t get some of the issues the day they came out I had the opportunity to read some reviews on the same comics I wanted to buy and based on what I saw I’m not buying those books.

My fear is that 90% of the new titles are bad, not anything I would spend my money on. The other 10% were the ones scooped up quick by comic collectors rather than comic readers. I already had my doubts about the whole DC relaunch but now if I think I have a one in 10 chance of finding a good book if I can even actually purchase one it just turns me off. Especially when there are more Marvel titles I want out right now than I have money to spend.

I did manage to pick up a couple of DC’s books. Demon Knights #1, Green Arrow #1 and Resurrection Man #1. Demon Knights was one I had thought looked good and I was solidly impressed with it. This is the one book that I will likely give at least a six issue try. Green Arrow #1 was okay, I thought the preview looked bad but my love for the character forced me to buy the first issue. Unfortunately, it didn’t do anything to pull me in and like I mentioned before I have other books I can spend my money on. Resurrection Man #1 was one I thought looked bad but might have potential. I really liked the idea of it even though I hate the title of the book, DC and their ultra-literal hero names really gets to me but that’s a post for another day, after one issue its hard to tell, I’ll likely give this one or two more issue before making a final decision.

I wasn’t able to find any of the big name books, Justice League, Batman, Flash, etc. so there may be some hope yet for me and DC but I’m not holding my breath.

Has anyone else had a similar experience? I am really curious if anyone who was looking forward to the launch found something they really liked. What hidden gem might I be missing?

I love this character but the story wasn't there.

I'll give this title another chance to "resurrect" itself, gee, I'm almost as clever as DC.

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