Ryan Thomason

DC Comics on the Amazon Fire, Now Marvel Comics on the Nook Tablet

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Yup, it looks like the two major publishers took their respective sides, who will win out? I hope the consumer.

Does this effect your decision on what new Tablet you’re going to look at purchasing? As someone who’s been sitting on the fence in the tablet market, I’ll say this. I can get BOTH comics with an iPad still right? Cause that’s what I want to buy. Yes, the Fire and Nook Tablet are probably going to be good for people who like to consume media. But, I want a little more than that out of my Tablet, I want to be a Creator with my Tablet. I want to be able to do work on this here site beyond just reading/watching something. Which these two Tablets seem to be all primed to do.

Sorry Amazon and Barnes & Nobel, but just having cool comic books is not going to be enough to swing me to your side of the fence. What about you guys though, are you favoring one Tablet over the other? Really, with the price points of these two devices (Fire/Nook Tablet) getting a Tablet should be more mainstream now.

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