Evan Burkey

PAX Announces David Jaffe As Keynote Speaker, Also Announces Music Lineup

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The Penny Arcade Expo has always been known for having fantastic keynote addresses, and this years looks like it won’t disappoint.

David Jaffe, lead designer of the God of War and Twisted Metal series will be delivering the speech. An outspoken designer, Jaffe is known for his direct involvement with the video game fanbase and his candid remarks on the industry.

PAX has also announced the musical lineup for this year, and as always it fails to disappoint. I’m very excited to see first time acts The Video Game Orchestra and Supercommuter, as well as returning acts like Metroid Metal. The entire list of performers is as follows:

• Jonathan Coulton
• MC Frontalot
• Metroid Metal
• Minibosses
• Paul and Storm
• Supercommuter (first PAX Prime appearance)
• The Video Game Orchestra (first PAX Prime appearance)

As always, PAX Prime will be the must-attend event for gamers this year. Jeff Seale and I will be rocking the convention with news and impressions of all the latest in the gaming industry, and we can’t wait.

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