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Dave Perry on Gaikai’s 2010 Release

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Dave Perry (one of my heroes in the videogaming world) had an interview with VG247 recently that is damned enlightening. In it he talks about the upcoming launch of his Gaikai service (which could spell the end of console gaming within a decade if it works well) in 2010 and the amount of people he currently has signed up for the closed beta.

“As of last night we have 20,000 people signed up for our closed beta, with not a single dollar spent on marketing. I already have enough players for closed beta. What we’re actually going to do is set up the servers in California and we’re going to keep delivering players until we cripple the servers. Then we’re going to make some configuration changes when we see the data, then we’re going to invite more players. [when we get the] final server configuration [we’ll] launch across the US.”

After watching the video we posted previously, I can’t wait to try the service myself. Good thing I’m signed up for the beta. I love the idea of having underpowered computers running games that they’d not normally be able to handle.

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