DARPA creates camera program like Batman’s VISION system

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VIRAT sees what you did there…

You get off the bus. Walk down the street. Pop into the local gas station. Pick up a slurpee. You sip away on your way to the theater. Over that course of time you could be on dozens of cameras placed throughout the businesses, the roads, the public areas… As of now, not all of those cameras are recording. Of those, not all keep their records for very long. Even if they have the time, they still have to be monitored by hand to find something in particular amongst the crazy levels of data.

Well no more. The Video Image Retrieval and Analysis Tool (VIRAT) is a program that DARPA has been developing that can go trawl through all that video and find all sorts of specific things with the cold efficiency of a computer. Guy walks into a place with a backpack and leaves without it? It sees it. Hit and run accident? It sees it. You pick your nose in a back alley? It not only sees it, but posts it on youtube. Well… maybe.

It reminds me of the sonar phones of the Dark Knight. Plus sides – increased security. Down side – decreased privacy. Let the 1984 freakouts commence!

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