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D&D Dark Sun #2 & #3 – Review

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I dip into the world of Dark Sun once again, how does the story continue after our first experience (link to DS #1 article) with the comic?

Lets start off with Dark Sun #2, Written by Alex Irvine, and Art by Peter Bergting. Grudvik and his companion Aki are still traveling through the desert, and they need some water. Which I would assume on a planet where such thing is a rarity, they have to find it soon. I’m assuming their encounter with the half vulture/people things are common in this campaign, If that is so, I really need to find a group because this type of stuff just gets me itching to try it out. Aki surprises with some tricks up his sleeve, and honestly, the only reason it bugs me is because I know nothing of the Dark Sun universe beyond this comic. I have some homework to do.

The story isn’t bad really, I actually really dig what Irvine is doing, it just seemed a little short. I could be totally wrong though, I think that if it has had a couple more pages to really set the story I would have been totally satisfied.

Regardless, I liked the ‘encounters’ Grudvik and Aki got into, the cactus zombies were really new to me, and I dug it. The one thing that annoyed me was the artwork. At some points it was nice lines and I liked the look of the characters on the page, then a couple of pages later it looked like a step down from what I just saw. Maybe it was rushed, I don’t know. At times though, I caught myself thinking that it just looked a little sloppy. With the hit or miss artwork, I was glad that the story at least kept me really engaged. Which We’ll move onto the next part of, as Grudvik is back in Tyr, and he’s looking for the woman he fell for that ended up making him a slave in the first place. I’m sure his intentions are good.

Dark Sun #3, once again written by Alex Irvine and Art by Peter Bergting, I saw the first couple of teaser images Bergting drew on the first couple of pages and crossed my fingers that this is what I’ll be getting the whole issue. We get more of Bergtings, gritty kind of art style. Which I’m going to have to ask my comic book friends who have been reading for longer than my couple of months if it is even a style. It didn’t distract me from liking the issue though, as I think Irvine does a great job of giving you a story that you want to keep reading. One of my favorite things was after the story though, toward the back you get to look at Grudvik’s character sheet, for being a D&D novice it just fascinated me.

STORY: 81%
ART: 68%

Now that I’ve read the first three comics, I think I have enough to determine if this is something that is worthy of your hold or not. For that decision I give you two little nuggets. One, if you’re some sort of purist who demands ‘sexy’ artwork with clean lines and tons of detail this isn’t for you. I’m not going to crap on the artist though, because as I re-read the comics, the style seems to fit with the gritty tone of the universe. Two, this isn’t super heroes, if you like D&D and fantasy, this is extremely up your alley.

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