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Dark Shadows Spyshots Make My Nerdrage Flare Up

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I’m sorry, Tim Burton had a couple of great films, but for the most part you can see the signs of his influence in any project he has his hands on from 20 miles away. What makes matters worse is when Johnny Depp teams up with Burton. The two of them have this creepy synergy that causes some odd projects to be born.

Just look at everyone’s favorite Burton/Depp movie to date, Edward Scissorhands. True it was a great film and one of the rare movies where I really dug what both brought to the audience…though you can’t deny that there was a real undefined WTF feeling about the whole film.

Fast forward to 2011 and we now see that Burton and Depp are working on a movie remake/reboot of the classic gothic soap opera Dark Shadows. Depp of course will be playing the role of Barnabas Collins (an ancillary character on the show who quickly became the main protagonist due to the ratings spike his character provided to the show)…but as you can see from these images obtained by Celebuzz that the Burton/Depp take on the character is a bit different than the original.

I’m only hoping that the whole getup that he’s wearing is to keep him from flaming up like any good vampire would after being out in the daylight. If not, then I guess we can just chalk it up to Tim Burton’s loveable quirkiness. You can almost guarantee that we’ll see Helena Carter and Danny Elfman doing something with this movie at some point (I’m being facetious of course, but I wouldn’t doubt it happening). I just don’t know…Tim Burton just pisses me off, especially his take on Alice in Wonderland. Futterwacken anyone?

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