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Dark Knight Rises, Viral marketing begins?

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Are you ready for 2 new videos, supposedly set as Viral marketing for Dark Knight Rises? Come on in to see them. Although the authenticity of these films is strongly in question, they are still kinda cool to watch.

For all your viral marketing fans (me included,) here is the first video:

The chanting in the background in un-decipherable. But to my ears, it sounds Spanish. The prisoner part of it might directly tie into the mythos of Bane.

Now Video two:

The second video seems to show a break out at Arkham. Fire, and confusion. For a second there is a flash of a tag of “Vigilate or Hero” but we don’t know if that relates to the Caped Crusader, or someone else. Also, there is the briefest flash of a web address… www.facebook.com/pages/The-Fire-Rises/21965700­1385788, but that seems to lead to a dead page…


Here is the 3rd video


Update 2:

And here is the 4th


Good luck!

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