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Dark Matter Volume 1: Rebirth TPB Comic Review

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If you’ve been lacking in bad ass sci-fi that is really worth reading in your comic books like me, this is worth the time and money spent.

Dark Matter Volume 1: Rebirth TPB
Writer: Joseph Mallozzi
Artist: Garry Brown
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Price: $14.99

I don’t read a lot of comic books these days, scratch that. I don’t really read any comic books, I’m making amends in that avenue. I’ve already talked about the first issue of this comic, and done an interview with the amazingly talented writer of this series Joseph Mallozzi. Why did I stop reading until it hit the trades? I’m a type of person who hates having to stop something in the middle of a story and wait a month to find out what happens next. So, I waited, and waited, until I got the email from Dark Horse with a review copy of this trade.

I was not let down.

There are not very many avenues where I get my Sci-Fi fix on these days. The SyFy channel is practically a joke since they cancelled my favorite show on the station, Stargate: Universe. Which Joseph Mallozzi was a part of, and though the first couple of issues does have that Stargate feel, it deviates from it by the third issue. What we get is a solid story and characters that are extremely likable, even if they find out that they’re, well, let’s not spoil it. I’m going to assume that if you’re reading a review of the trade that you’re like me, who wants story arcs in one book, instead of reading the first four issues. Those of you that have been reading week to week as this story unfolded already know what happens.

Here are some questions that I would ask any of my friends if they wanted to know about Dark Matter and if they should buy it:

  • Do you like Science Fiction?
  • Do you like it when main characters wake up not knowing who they are and are trying to piece together their past, or run away from it when they find out? (this is actually very well done in this comic)
  • Do you sometimes like watching some jerk get a hand chopped off if the good guy does it in a cool way?
  • Do you like your main characters being bad-ass fighters staving off a planetary invasion by a corporation trying to highjack a planet from it’s settlers?

Alright, any more questions and I deviate from my task of not ruining the comic book with spoilers. If you answered Yes more times than No, then this comic is worth checking out for you. Here is the gist of it. Joseph Mallozzi has serious sci-fi cred, and he effing delivers. Garry Brown’s artwork is gritty, dark and wonderful to look at. He takes the incredible story that is being built and propelled it forward with art that is just so fitting and adds that extra layer to the comic that makes it something that is very important in the comic book world, something you will Remember.

This trade comes out in October 2012.

Judge for yourself: DIGITAL or PREORDER

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