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Dark Horse Set to Declassify Secrets of Project Black Sky

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What is Project Black Sky? Rumor has it that Project Black Sky is our first defense against extraterrestrial threats. It all has been top secret—until now.

Secret Files of Project Black Sky Part 1: The Field cover via Dark Horse

Secret Files of Project Black Sky Part 1: The Field via Dark Horse

Dark Horse Comics has breaking news about Project Black Sky. From their press release:

While many comics fans are headed to their local comic shop to get their free goodies this weekend, Dark Horse launches the hottest web comic of the year at!

Intrigued by the investigations of the conspiracy blog, Dark Horse Comics has done some digging and uncovered some of the mysterious Project Black Sky’s secret files.

Fred Van Lente (Brain BoyConan) is set to script these secret files, assisted by the award-winning team of colorist Dan Jackson and letterer Nate Piekos.

Project Black Sky will run through September with a new panel almost every day! Three series artists with top-level security clearance will provide illustrations for the stunning story line.

Project Black Sky Part 1: The Field, featuring art by Steve Ellis, goes live on May 2 with eight screens!

Project Black Sky Part 2: The Launch features art by Michael Broussard and will post weekdays with forty screens beginning May 5.

Project Black Sky Part 3: The Ring features art by Steve Ellis and will post weekdays with forty screens beginning June 26.

Project Black Sky Part 4: The Base features art by Guiu Vilanova and will post every day of the week with thirty-two screens beginning August 21.

Project Black Sky Part 5: Michael Broussard will illustrate a final, top-secret, twelve-screen story, presented in its entirety on September 24.

Fans can head to their local comic shop to pick up the Free Comic Book Day 2014 issue of Project Black Sky! Meanwhile, head to ProjectBlackSky.netevery day for a new piece of the puzzle!


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