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Dark Horse rolls out the best Cyber Monday image of 2013, if not Ever.

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Dark Horse thought Cyber Monday needed to be a little more threatening. So, they have Kittens with lasers shooting out of their eyes. We approve.

In anticipation of the infamous holiday shopping weekend, Dark Horse Comics is having a pretty sweet deal for Cyber Monday. Dark Horse Digital is offering comics fans 50% off their entire order for 24 hours! Now, I personally use Dark Horse Digital for all of my comic book viewing from them. I love the platform, and switching from Smartphone (Android) to computer is seamless and you can pick up right from the last page you were on. I’ve tried Comixology and it just didn’t have the same feel that Dark Horse Digital has. Your money will be well spent if you move to digitizing your Dark Horse collection.

DH_Cyber Monday

You can redeem this 50% discount with the coupon code: ­­­­­­­­­­dhdcyber2013.

This offer is good for 24 hours beginning at midnight (PST) on Monday, December 2 ($20 cart minimum). You can be like me, and sign up for the Dark Horse Digital Newsletter by Thanksgiving to get even more discounts if you ever want more opportunities like this. We here at WPR are very big supporters of Dark Horse Comics, make sure you go check them out.

Just remember, if you don’t go to Dark Horse on Cyber Monday, a Kitten will come out of nowhere and shoot lasers out of it’s eyes and maim you for life, just as a reminder of your failure.

The free Dark Horse Digital comics app is now available worldwide through all modern web browsers and features cloud storage in both the Android and iOS apps.

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