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Dark Horse Presents #32 – Comic Review

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Dark Horse Presents #32 is out this week with two new serial stories: The Deleted by Brendan McCarthy and Darrin Grimwood and The Many Murders of Ms. Cranbourne: The Library in the Body by Rich Johnston. If you are not reading this anthology, shame on you.

Dark Horse presents 32 cover

Dark Horse Presents #32 via

Dark Horse Presents #32
Publisher: Dark Horse
Price: $7.99
Release Date: January 15, 2014

Fan favorite Hellboy graces the cover this month! Did you know he got married? You would if you were reading this title.

Hellboy Gets Married, Chapter 2 (Mike Mignola and Mick McMahon) HB is not taking to married life. Read on as he tries to wisecrack his way out of matrimony. And then fight his way out. (Also, I love McMahon’s art here.)

Integer City, Chapter 3 (Jamie Rich and Brent Schoonover) This mystical noir continues with Jonny Kilmeister searching for an otherworldly orb and being admonished by his client for being, in my opinion, prudent. His luck runs out when he finds himself up-close and personal with the city’s top mobster.

The Deleted, Chapter 1 (Brendan McCarthy and Darrin Grimwood) The first chapter asks more questions than it answers. How would you handle waking up in a world where you knew no one and were chased by unknown creatures that can disintegrate you with their touch?

Crime Does Not Pay: City of Roses, Chapter 11 (Phil Stanford and Patric Reynolds) It is a big moment here with a raid and the local news reporting live from the scene. The Narcotics Squad takes more gunfire than they anticipated to drastic results.

Nexus: Into the Past, Chapter 8 (Mike Baron and Steve Rude) Clayborn kidnaps Harry Hellpop! Nexus is distraught but on the hunt for his son. Clayborn plans to kill the child. However, his assistant Cicely Longchamps has ideas of her own.

Monstrous: Dirty Work After the Apocalypse, Chapter 3 (Steve Horton and Ryan Cody) It is make or break time when Staghorn orders all the babies in a nursery killed. A fight ensues, but who will be victorious. (I still can’t get enough of the Latin. Awesome! It makes me want to break out my Wheelock and flash cards.)

Kill Me! Chapter 3 (Chad Lambert and Christine Larsen) Looping through time does has its downside. Survival means you have to kill yourself over and over again in this story. Jack is close to finding Alexis now. How many more of Jacks will he have to kill along the way?

St. George: Dragonslayer, Chapter 3 (Fred Van Lente and Reilly Brown) Gregorius Gerontius bravely heads in to the cave with Cleo in tow.  Little does he know the danger he will face. But wait, he makes Cleo a decoy and then disappears. Just like a man…

The Many Murders of Miss Cranbourne: Library in the Body, Chapter 1 (Rich Johnston and Simon Rohrmüller) Don’t get on the wrong side of Miss Cranbourne or the maids will find you dead in the library. So who committed the crime? And who will pay for it? My guess is they will not be the same person.

Alabaster: Boxcar Tales, Chapter 13 (Caitlin Kiernan and Steve Lieber) An intense show down in chapter 13. Dancy is going a bit nuts and Maisie must take a stand. All under the watchful eye of Blackbird, who stoically observes the tragic end to this tale.

Dark Horse Presents is a consistently good mix of established favorites and exciting new stories. Can I promise you that you will fall in love with each page? No. But that is the beauty of the anthology. Time investment is minimal, but the payoff is huge when you find a new author, artist, character, genre to enjoy. Isn’t it time to try on something new or get outside your long box?

Recommendation: Just read it. (Buy a copy here: Dark Horse Presents #32)

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