Dark Horse Comics–$1!

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Dark Horse is re-releasing some of its most famous first issues for only $1.  First up this week (August 11, 2010) are Frank Miller’s first Sin City tale:  The Hard Goodbye (you know, the one with Marv) and Aliens vs. Predator.

Sure, it is like the dealer giving you a discount on your first hit, but when the stuff is as good as this…

Sin City: The Hard Goodbye was first serialized in the now defunct anthology Dark Horse Presents.  There are 22 B&W pages of goodness written and drawn by Frank Miller for only $1.

Also starting as a serial in Dark Horse Presents was Aliens vs Predator.  It was first published in 1989.  It has since spawned more comic books, novels, video games, action figures, and, of course, movies.

Bottom Line:  $1/$1

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