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Dark Horse Announces Halo:Initiation Miniseries

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Halo-initiationSorry, this is one of those “NOT MASTER CHIEF” series that people whine about but elated fanboys clap their cheeto stained hands about.

Just like how the Halo franchise jumped ship from Bungie into the capable arms of 343 Industries this time around, the extended universe’s comic series has made the jump from Marvel over to Dark Horse Comics and we’re pretty excited.

The miniseries being released on August 14 will be written by Brian Reed (writer of Halo 4 and other expanded universe) and will be drawn by Marco Castiello (Star Wars: Purge).

The story will follow that of Sarah Palmer and other entrants into the Spartan-IV program. So those who feel starved after Halo 4 and Spartan Ops need not worry. You’ll get more Halo goodness in your system soon.


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