Alan Smithee

Damn You Bandai…This Dub of K-ON Sounds Alright

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There will always be a battle between the weeaboos (myself included) as to whether or not American anime importers will ever have a good dub. There are some shows that really are good when dubbed, but there have been far too many series that had terrible voice acting…need I mention Tenchi Muyo?

As crazy as it sounds, the dub for K-ON is sounding better and better with each clip I hear. I am one of THOSE type of anime geeks that will watch episodes with fansubs the day they come out in Japan, so I’ve been on top of K-ON! for some time now, and I have to say that Bandai is right on the money with their US dubbed release.

I’ll go hang my head in shame and snack on Pocky in the corner now. Here’s my Weeaboo card.

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